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Trump issued grave warning to Saudi Arabia in April 2nd call

Trump issued grave warning to Saudi Arabia in April 2nd call

In an April 2 phone call, Trump told Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman that unless the OPEC started cutting oil production, he would be powerless to stop lawmakers from passing legislation to withdraw U.S. troops from the kingdom. The threat was central to the US pressure campaign that led to a landmark global deal to slash oil supply as demand collapsed in the coronavirus pandemic.

Travis 6 months

Odd that Saudi Arabia is “the west’s” ally in the Middle East given they are one of the most oppressive regimes on earth. I find it odd. I’m not a religious person but let’s use Christmas as one example. In Saudi Arabia celebrating Christmas is a felony. Security forces surveil known Christian groups for any “underground” Christmas celebrations. In Syria they have many Christians, huge public Christmas celebrations, giant xmas trees etc. They have an inclusive culture that doesn’t murder people for believing in something other than Islam. Who do we side with? Saudi. Odd. Who do we give weapons to? Terrorists in Syria who saw off Christian heads with hunting knives then post the footage online. I’ve seen it, it’s disgusting. They leave the body belly down with the head sitting in the small of the back. The rights of women would be another glaring example between those two countries. Odd odd odd. For me it doesn’t add up to support Saudi and wage proxy wars against Syria.

Ali 6 months

So basically Trump pursuited the interest of his country through political influence as the commander in chief and is labeled a bully!

Shaun Oconnell
Shaun Oconnell 6 months

God bless president Trump ✝️🇬🇧🇺🇸

🌀W_AS 6 months

That troop agreement was forged during the Carter administration. We get cheap oil and in return we provide troops to defend the kingdom. Gotta admit yesterday at 1.21 a gallon was the cheapest I’ve paid for a gallon of gas since the 80’s. But once again the administration is breaking a promise made by the United States with another country. That does not bode well for our national image on the world stage and follows the pattern that this administration started in earnest in 2017. This administration has demonstrated to the rest of the world that our word means nothing. That we are feckless, incompetent and reckless and pose a threat to the well being of the seven billion plus individuals who are not Americans.

vito 6 months

So Trump was calling MBS on Putin’s behalf and not on the interest of the US? Sounds about right based on previous behaviour.

IIzard 6 months

So either the troops pull out or Saudi does what we want.... WHERE IS THE DOWNSIDE, LEFTISTS? TDS is more prevalent than covid.

KM 6 months

The story is about Trump and Saudi prince, but the picture is of Putin and Saudi Prince. it's glaringly obvious what they want you to think.

Goi 6 months

Its a poker face move. The moment US remove their troops, Russia will move in to provide "security services" to them. And the US knows it.

K 6 months

Stop playing your childish game. You can't lead a nation like your failed business.

Indo 6 months

So u see why he was elected. He gets the job done. Fussy, messy or otherwise, he gets it done. Da US was in dire need of such a man. Unless u think greedy guzzlers like the gates fellow are more suitable. If u do, then u will know why we have cronies n crones.

Roamer MGTOW
Roamer MGTOW 6 months

OOOOOOOOHHHH shit!! Its on now boys!!!

anthony 6 months

A PR stunt more than anything and not a bad one at that but when push comes to shove the Saudis can practically do anything they want as long as they back our dollar with oil.

Elaine 6 months

Trump has been completely impotent in handling the pandemic in this country so he needs to try to prove to Putin, who makes Trump bend for him, and his fan club here in the US that maybe he can still get it up. Just what the US needs WAR on top of what the hell else is going on in this country. However, no matter what happens, more dead Americans, economic collapse, more sick, unemployed and homeless, be comforted knowing that Trump and the top 1% will walk, drive and fly away, unscathed and once again we are left to foot the bill.

R LoRusso
R LoRusso 6 months

You mean They will have to cancel the order for the gold plated Rolls for princes.

MF 6 months

Great job mr president

Vashman 6 months

So it's admitted that our troops are in the Middle East for the oil.

YourHighness 6 months

Dictations from Putin for his boy.

Max Bants
Max Bants 6 months

Time for Saudi Arabia to switch their economy from oil production to providing Airplane Parking...

Rational ific
Rational ific 6 months

Publicly to their people: "Out kuffar!" Privately to the US: "Please stay!"

Dr. Ötker
Dr. Ötker 6 months

That's why he is a successful Businessman... And a great President! 👍🏻

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