’Serious’ probe required into Biden sexual assault allegations, says Jeffries

’Serious’ probe required into Biden sexual assault allegations, says Jeffries

Hakeem Jeffries, the head of the House Democratic Caucus said that a ’serious’ investigation needs to be conducted into the sexual assault allegations involving former Vice President Joe Biden. Mr. Jeffries said that the allegations were serious in nature, and had been raised by a serious person.

Tom A
Tom A
Joe 4 weeks

Being forced to make calls for an investigation. Notice the complete lack of activism in the news cycle, in the DNC, by celebrities. No calls for resignation, no “believe all women”, no social media blitz, no demonstrations of political art, no share blue funded protests. Liberals are a cancer

The Oracle8191
The Oracle8191 4 weeks

Welp, he'll be out of a job soon.

6Million$Mansplainer 4 weeks

"oh, Biden was actually guilty and had to cancel his campaign......sure I'll take the nomination", HRC

Stephen 4 weeks

Inb4 they drop him for Michelle Obama 1 week before the election.

tsylana 4 weeks

No, no probe needed. Well, OK, have one, but Biden needs to forfeit his campaign now before further damage is done to Drumpf opposition. Probe or no probe, he must go. This is not the only thing that Drumpf will have on him, plenty more skeletons in Joe's latrine.

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