Tara Reade willing to testify under oath if necessary

Tara Reade willing to testify under oath if necessary

Tara Reade, who recently levied sexual assault allegations against former Vice President Joe Biden said that she is willing to go under oath and recount her story. Ms. Reade was a staffer at Mr. Biden’s office when he was a Senator, and has accused the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee of having sexually assaulted her in 1993.

Tom A
Tom A
6Million$Mansplainer 4 weeks

This is like Christmas morning for feminists and MeToo'ers everywhere, yet no embracing, hmmm.

Andrew Colomy
Andrew Colomy 0 months

Well see what happens with this lady, whether itll turn into the Kavanaugh case or the Cosby case, nobody knows. I'm just gonna go out on a limb with my assumption though that this is just another bullshit case brought on by publicity, always at the convenient time when shit happened years ago and not yesterday. That's the problem with these cases, the oh-so-convenient timing with them.

redhandsbluefaces 4 weeks

Breaking News: Tara Reade found dead in her home last night. Police suspect suicide via two shots to the back of the head.

Dave 4 weeks

Does "Under Oath" even mean anything any more? Maybe back in the day when men valued their word and their honour more than their lives. But nowadays people seem like they couldn't care less about the value of their oath.

Max Bants
Max Bants 4 weeks

I wouldn't even creepily sniff her hair in public.

michael 4 weeks


IIzard 0 months


Timothy 4 weeks

The fact that so many loud mouthed, so called celebrities have failed to call out the bad behaviour of a democrat consigns #metoo to the ever growing dustbin of liberal bad ideas.

Thierry Houthaeve
Thierry Houthaeve 4 weeks

What happened to believe all women. Believe all women if the allegation is against republicans but due process when it's Democrat. No way believe all women no matter who

Jason 4 weeks

I am not in any way condoning what happened but it always seems to be a moment of timing. Is it me or does it seem very convenient that this all starts coming out during election time. As an orange skin buffoon would say, "Tremendous timing!"

anthony 4 weeks

Biden's biggest problem - this situation not withstanding - is that historically he's a proven liar and has always been very comfortable doing so. Since we already know he doesn't care about other people, is very selfish and will say and do anything to get elected, why trust him now? She on the other hand - unless something turns up - doesn't have nearly the same baggage. And Hillary - the biggest liar of them all and someone who is not only comfortable with abuse but protects it too has endorsed him knowing this.

The 4 weeks

Pelosi will dismiss it as just speculation or say she's past her statue of limitations for her case against Biden. Basically she's wiping his ass and keeping it clean so he can debate trump during for this coming election cycle. Lol

🌀W_AS 4 weeks

I’d love to see the cross examination on this one. “Could you explain why when you filed your initial complaint you made no mention of assault and only remembered the assault twenty-seven years later?” Could Sanders dropping out have triggered that memory? Inquiring minds want to know.

Sherlock 4 weeks

Biden is so creepy I wonder how will he get out of this.

Tim S
Tim S 4 weeks

Believe all wo- Believe all Bidens.

🌀W_AS 4 weeks

Trump and Kavenaugh made America not care about this anymore.

boxie 0 months

She's a liar

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