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California Democrat blasts beach protesters: They ’undoubtedly spread the virus’

California Democrat blasts beach protesters: They ’undoubtedly spread the virus’

California Democratic Rep.Ted Lieu condemned the hundreds of protesters who turned out in Huntington Beach Friday to demand the reopening of the state and its beaches, saying they probably spread the coronavirus with their demonstration. Lieu represents a nearby district to Orange County that includes the beach towns of Venice Beach, Santa Monica and Redondo, among others. Those beaches are closed

Adam Marceau
Adam Marceau 6 months

Ted is one of the dumbest people in Congress that or so dishonest it is unreal. If you maintain distancing its almost impossible to get this thing outside

SomeGuyWhoDoesThings 6 months

Likely most of these protestors are out of work and watching whatever little savings they have (if any) dry up. People will get desperate and once they do these fuckers are gonna have more than homeless shitting in the streets to worry about (I’m talking full blown riots and mass break ins of gated communities).

Stephen 6 months

It's their right... tyrant.

Daniel McEwen
Daniel McEwen 6 months

Oh, sure. People who aren't sick and go to the beach are a menace. Seems to be how it goes these days. One guy tried to tell me I'd be killing my friends if I saw him. I said I was negative and can't spread it. No response. Same with Ted I'm sure.

Boo 6 months

Only a crazy liberal actually condemns freedom of speech and the right to assemble to protest. Go back to history class!

Emperor Tito
Emperor Tito 6 months

How ironic. The people who constantly complain about “the threat of fAsHiSoM” embrace it with open arms when it comes.

Connie 6 months

Problem with closing only a "Red" district beach is that the rest of CA beaches were not targeted. Hmmmm. Sunshine and fresh air are antidotes to just about any affliction, mental or physical.

.Tet. 6 months

Since all beaches in California are public up to the mean high tide line, aside from the private ones, doesnt that mean the people can just reopen it forcefully via The Constitution and general protest?

atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 6 months

Ted, just a reminder: Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt.

ian 6 months

This is so stupid! The virus is going to spread to everyone anyway, we’re just trying to slow the spread so it doesn’t overwhelmed hospitals. We’ve don’t that to the extent that hospitals are laying health workers off. There is no way to avoid catching this thing in the long run and health experts even admit it. So some protesters is seriously not a big deal. What about alcoholism and drug use on the rise like never before? More people are gonna die of other stuff than the corona virus because of this lockdown. I was a Democrat till they all became tyrants leading their sheep this year.

Dawlben 6 months

Most of those people have cabin fever. People are stir crazy and need to be outside.

paddy 6 months

This is what happens when you don't let the people do it on their own

_tallman 6 months

The virus is just a seasonal flu by definition. Look into the comparison between "seasonal" and "pandemic" flus. Yea, maybe they spread it among themselves, but I think they'll be ok. Quarantine the sick and/or at-risk, and let the rest of the country go back to work and enjoy their God given freedoms. We did your little free trial of communism, we want our liberties back now.

edwin 6 months

Hmm, what are the odds of spreading a disease that dies in open air, hot, humid, sunny areas while in a California beach during the spring/summer transition. Sorry, but I doubt there was much to spread, and anyone feeling I'll probably left feeling better. This disease is weak to UV, heart, and humidity. I imagine the numbers in Louisiana will tank as summer really kicks off.

Skot 6 months

The real test of democracy... Sweden passed, US failed. The difference? Swedish citizens trust their healthcare system and policy makers so they generally follow their advice. US institutions and policy makers are demonstrably untrustworthy and citizens are well aware that they don't have their best interest at heart. Americans' health is very literally preyed upon by insurance companies and those doctors that act as pushers on behalf of pharmaceutical companies, and the governing institutions are openly and only really in the service of corporate interests. Leaving aside whether or not this quarantine in the present form is advisable, is there any wonder that citizens don't respect the mandates and prescriptions given?

Property 6 months

When we arrest people for protesting is when we cross into tyranny. Just because we have a virus does not mean our basic human rights go away.

Aaron 6 months

You mean if they didn't close the beach there wouldn't have been anywhere near the close contact that came about because of the closure

ThePROFESS10NAL 6 months

So what. It’s going to spread regardless

David Foxfire
David Foxfire 6 months

*They'd* undoubtedly spread the virus? I'd think the feeb hired to shake that aerosol can at them that's doing it. Please prove me wrong.

Jeff 6 months

In 100 years we have not seen 66,000 perish and over 1 million afflicted with a horrific virus in a span of 2 to 3 months.We use to be a country that when we saw a treat to our existence we together fought against it. We do have a history before Nazis drew us into a World war a number of Americans supported them..That ended when American body bags came to the tune of 405,000 and the support for fascism almost ended when we witnessed the holocaust coupled to 50 million dying..History is repeating itself once again but has morphed into what we see now..A group of misfits who have failed in normal life ,latch on to a demagogic leader who they believe like the people of Germany did then would resurrect them in power and wealth. Whats so hypocritical here is that all those knocking Communism had no trouble seeing 60,000 factories move there from here to there and rarely if ever protested...Never mind that almost every product we use either comes from Communist China or have parts from there. . We even get food from there..Thats pretty amazing since they have 1.3 billion people to feed every day...No protests....We do have protest from the same people who adored facists of the past and a demographic leader who can't solve problems but surely identifies those problems but does nothing to solve them . Needs to keep his shield of the Presidency to keep that shield as a means from being indicted The majority of the US population will not jeopardize themselves to the exposure of this virus ..If they thought they were oppressed there would have simply ignored the Governors of whatever state they happen to live in and trek everywhere..To date there have been 66,000 desths as mentioned above and health authorities believe 32 million have contracted this .Thats 10% of the US Population. We are now witnessing something that occurred when there was the Spanish Flu 100 years ago . 90% remain at risk of still contracting this and at least 1% will die..Will it be you? When to risk it..I would recommend first getting tested and if free of the of he virus ,go into your local nursing home .Are you going to don a mask. Probably not!!! Take the risk that you wont be in that 1% and die a horrible death...Did you ever hold your breath for 2 minutes...Well if you dont get clots or organ failure, dying by suffocation is what happens and from what I understand is one of the worst kinds of deaths...Remember water boarding ...Well theres a bonus here ,blood clots in the brain and everwhere you can imagine...I for one will heed the advise of the health authorities until there a treatment and or vaccine..Wear a mask when in a group and wear a mask . Everytime you dont you increase the risk youll be that 1% and share that 1% risk with others include your family and friends.

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