Coronavirus: over 70% of critical care patients in UK are men

Coronavirus: over 70% of critical care patients in UK are men

More than 70% Covid-19 patients admitted to critical care in UK are men, according to a report presented by the UK’s Intensive Care National Audit and Research Centre. The finding is based on a sample of 7,542 patients. Researchers found that 5,389 of these patients were men and 2,149 were women. The report says that the percentage of men dying in the intensive care, 51%, is more than women, 43%.

Mr. Doc
Mr. Doc 3 weeks

We can clearly assume that this means men are getting worse healthcare overall and should petition governments to spend large sums of money to force men to get better healthcare. #gendergap

Rational ific
Rational ific 3 weeks

What a sexist virus! Also, I must ask, if 51% of those who died in intensive care are men and 43% are women, what is the other 6%? Apache helicopters?

Timothy 3 weeks

The Independent news article linked to the headline is six weeks old. It would be interesting to know if the analysis today is consistent with that at the time of reporting.

Jonny 3 weeks

Don't pick your nose. 👃 Tha''s how you dig your own grave. ☠️

T3hGladiator 3 weeks

They came out with a study a few years back that men have worse immune systems, just another example of it.

Ubercheese 3 weeks

Must be a feminist virus

Stephen 3 weeks

Women most effected

Pedro Rodriguez
Pedro Rodriguez 3 weeks

Yes, but are they the right shade of color?

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