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Commuters may be asked to check temperature  before travelling

Commuters may be asked to check temperature before travelling

UK commuters could be asked to check their temperatures at home before travelling under plans to ease the coronavirus lockdown being considered by the government. A change in physical distancing measures, including reducing the recommended gap between people in public from 2 meters to 1 meters, is also being considered, according to reports, as Boris Johnson prepares to lay out a ’roadmap’.

Louis S
Louis S 6 months

'A governmental source has indicated that, due to the ongoing shortage of protective masks, many may be ordered to wear garments like the niqāb - a veil commonly worn by Muslim women, which provides almost complete protection to the head and face.' P.S. this is a joke. Or is it??

Michael Hedderson
Michael Hedderson 6 months

Not sure how that's gonna help when, you know, the virus can be carried asymptomatically (ie. without a fkn fever!). All the US airports designated as entry points for flights from the Far East screened everyone for...temperature. That went well didn't it.

😁 X ✌
😁 X ✌ 6 months

Don't pick your nose. 👃 Tha''s how you dig your own grave. ☠️

Oliver Biscuit
Oliver Biscuit 6 months

Remember folks, if the thermometer tastes horrible, you put it in the wrong hole.

Boo 6 months

The faith in Mass transit is coming back to haunt all the climate change nuts.

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