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Allegation ’inconsistent with the person I’ve come to know’, Holder on Biden

Allegation ’inconsistent with the person I’ve come to know’, Holder on Biden

Former Obama administration AG Eric Holder defended Joe Biden on Friday night, calling the allegation of sexual assault against him as ’inconsistent with the person I’ve come to know’. ’I think the media is doing a correct job looking into the allegations, finding out a variety of things’, Holder added, stressing that all allegations need to be taken seriously.

Boo 6 months

That's what they all say.

big zac
big zac 6 months

Name 5 left wing media to report on this. You can’t say the media is reporting on it if only right wing media is talking about it

space ghost
space ghost 6 months

Good thing this man can speak for how women feel.

IDWFTW 6 months


J 6 months

I knew this was going to happen and that's why I don't believe he did it. Timing is everything! If it happened in the 90's wouldn't it have been good to come out with it before he was the vp? Or what about the beginning of his bid for president. The fact it dwindled down to him and NOW they feel the need to come forward suggests an ulterior motive. And in my opinion the only thing worse than sexually assulting someone is FALSELY accusing someone of sexual assult!!!!

Adam Marceau
Adam Marceau 6 months

The fast and furious scandal guy..... yeah let's trust that guy

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