Protesters rally to reopen Oregon

Protesters rally to reopen Oregon

Demonstrators gathered at the Oregon capitol in Salem Saturday in a rally demanding the reopening of the state. Protesters, some wearing masks, said the goal was to get the message across while still social distancing. A counter-protest of healthcare workers joined the group. Gov. Brown’s office has said rural communities could likely open first.

Paul C
Paul C 4 weeks

I'd love to see a story how the homeless in Portland or Seattle have managed over the past 5 or 6 weeks. Plus what the virus stat's for them are.

ladin 4 weeks

Round up all these deplorables protesting our lovely government leaders decisions, straight to gulag! Don’t they understand the government loves them more than their own parents.! (sarcasm)

michael 4 weeks

don't let the astro turf fool you. some protesters are earning money by protesting.

Kramo 4 weeks

31% chance of dying once infected oh what a good ideo.

shawn 4 weeks

Stop the death toll from climbing. Stop being a bunch of morons.

Barry 4 weeks

Darwin awards all around!

Outlaw 4 weeks

Correction: let me have a better chance at death

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