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RNC chairwoman differs with polls showing Biden leading Trump

RNC chairwoman differs with polls showing Biden leading Trump

Ronna McDaniel, the Chairwoman of the Republican National Committee on Sunday said that it would be difficult to rely on recent polls which show presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden leading President Donald Trump in key US states. Ms. McDaniel said that the polling ’is going to fluctuate’, and that it might not be the same as what will be seen on November 3.

michael 3 months

polls don't matter when our country is gerrymandered all to hell. trump lost the popular vote by 3 million and still won because the electoral college grants more power to small isolated communities. if our districts were drawn by non partisan officials rather than by whoever is in power we wouldn't have had bush expand the centralization of the office of president.

Robert Palmer
Robert Palmer 3 months

If you thought 2016 was a surprise, then get ready for a major blow out in 2020. Nobody wants to vote for a demented old man who rapes women. If you want a leader you’ll vote for Trump.

Cheri Carter
Cheri Carter 3 months

Matt doesn't know what he is taking about. He's watched too much Fox News and listened to a racists president for the last 3 plus years. Obviously he is incapable of an original thought. What we need is a president who actually cares about people and puts them before himself. What people don't seem to understand is that Narcissists are incapable of caring about others, and this president demonstrates that inability on a daily basis.

Dr. Ötker
Dr. Ötker 3 months

Oh Look, polls. That thing of the distant past that said that Trump would never be President.

filthynice 88
filthynice 88 3 months

Well... Honestly.. If i was in need .. Then I'd want someone who cares about me ... If i were in desperate need then I'd want someone who cares about no one but me So all things considered, someone who is not a career politician would be an ideal change for president... And Trump was that change

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