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DOJ sides with Virginia church in dispute over state’s lockdown orders

DOJ sides with Virginia church in dispute over state’s lockdown orders

The DOJ has sided with a Virginia church that filed a lawsuit against the state over Gov. Northam’s stay-at-home order. The order restricts in-person religious services to no more than 10 people amid the COVID-19 outbreak. The Lighthouse Fellowship Church filed the suit after its pastor received a criminal citation for holding a church service with 16 people in attendance in April.

Herbie Goes Bananas
Herbie Goes Bananas 4 months

How far apart were they? Isn't that really the issue. There are more than 10 people at Walmart on any given day, but no one harasses them.

Argaveus 4 months

It is not the government's right to decide who they get to save. Stay at home orders should be a recommendation for people at risk only, everyone else should be left alone to keep the country running. Commanding everyone to stay home on pain of jail time and fines is tyranny.

Alex Stovall
Alex Stovall 4 months

It’s not like he had 50 people. There’s no difference between 10 and 16 ppl. He shouldn’t have gotten a criminal citation for that

michael 4 months

god is everywhere, not in a building. pray from home. you don't need a priest to hear god. the government is allowed to promote the general welfare. I'm very glad that voodoo practicioners are not allowed to sacrifice live animals in apartment complexes. if I declare my faith in Huitzilopochtli I will not be allowed to perform human sacrifice. if your god is so weak that he shrivels from your heart if you don't surround yourself with weekly chanting, then you need to examine what it is you ACTUALLY believe in. there's televangelists. the internet is a thing. you don't need to feel your neighbors to feel god. all that being said 16 is a rediculous number to hassle them over if they were wearing masks, keeping apart, and not drinking wine from the same cup. that last may not happen outside catholic, I'm not up on the various rituals of the various factions. it should just have been a warning or citation for such a small offense. unless he or his church have been warned or cited multiple times. then they are just being beligerent.

Kathy 4 months

Of course they did. We have a Democratic governor who has not pledged loyalty to the child king.

Carol 4 months

Why is Trump's admin interfering in the governor's call for safety? Trump is nothing but the devil; he literally wants "people" to die!!

Melmel 4 months

I guess Jesus can save them from COVID-19. Haha

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