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Biden denies sexual assault allegations levied by Tara Reade

Biden denies sexual assault allegations levied by Tara Reade

Former Vice President Joe Biden has come under pressure by women’s rights groups to issue a statement on the sexual assault allegations levied against him by former staffer Tara Reade. Mr. Biden consequently went on record to deny the allegations, and said that the alleged incident ’never happened’.

Boo 6 months

Why isn't there a post from Alyssa Milano? What happened to believe women first, then try to disprove their story.

bobby_5150 6 months

As one of the architects of Title IX, I think Biden should be investigated, tried and punished under Title IX. Seems fitting.

Matt 6 months

What happens now is there's still an investigation they made the rules now they need to play by them

Jeff Fisher
Jeff Fisher 6 months

Creepy Uncle Joe isn't a new term for him. He has a long, long history of complaints. But I guess now we can rename him Dementia Creepy Uncle Joe and is the best that the democrats can come up with

Josh 6 months

It's sickening to see how liberal media outlets are (or not) covering this story. Hypocrisy

NPA 6 months

I'm voting for the old fart candidate that doesn't make sense speaking in public, that has made racist comments, supported racist policy, and sexually abused women. And I really want the one that is rich to the point of being out of touch with the American people. I'm voting for the candidate that will keep the corruption we all hate in the White House and the one that will divide us further. If you don't think this describes your boy, you need to evaluate your biases.

Ruth Cole
Ruth Cole 6 months

He has no many lies recorded over 40yrs. How can we believe anything he says?

Dexman 6 months

If I Were Biden, I Would've Said They Were TRUE, But Still, I'm Sure There's Nothing Wrong with Him, Just Being Himself!

Dave 6 months

Unfortunately, I doubt there can be much more beyond "he said, she said". These are 27 year old allegations. There is very little chance to lock down Biden beyond reasonable doubt. If this did happen to her, I want her to get justice, but sitting on it for nearly 30 years means there is very little chance of that. Especially when it just looks like she's only bringing it out to attack his credibility, rather than to seek justice.

Idiot Prole
Idiot Prole 6 months

To be fair to him, the dementia means he probably wouldn't remember the women he groped. Now the kids and the stroking, he seems to not only remember that, but think it's good to share.

Benjamin Pritz
Benjamin Pritz 6 months

Yeah if anyone is a masochist or wants to lose a few brain cells just look at the Occupy Democrats Instagram page, about 20 posts from the past few days defending Joe Biden using the same logic that they condemned people for using to defend Brett Kavanaugh, then when people point it out they get angry & just resort to OrangeManBad.exe

Virtual Signals
Virtual Signals 6 months

Another example of the Law of Unintended Consequences. Democrats slavishly back the far left MeToo movement and their insistence on believing accusers without the rule of law... yeah, that won't come back to bite you...

Darknimbus3 6 months

Hah! What goes around comes around, Democrats lmfao “Guilty until proven innocent” works just fine for you... until it’s aimed at one of your own. Just stick with the national “Innocent until proven guilty” like you should from now on, k?

Highlander 6 months

I laughed when he say he didn't remember an allegation from 29 years ago. Biden can barely remember what day of the week it is or which state he is in. Christ, he can not even remember which woman is his sister and which one is his wife. I can't wait until someone asks him a question about Hunter and he says Hunter who?

John W
John W 6 months

Democrats say Biden is guilty but orange man bad,so vote Biden.

Aaron 6 months

He treats women like six packs

Dexman 6 months

I Forgive Biden!

MrBlueSky 6 months

joe does seem like a creepy old man.

Dexman 6 months

I Would've Told The Truth, But What's Wrong with Being Ourselves?

Arthur 6 months

Another politician lying his way to the top!

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