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Nearly 5K meat plant workers positive for Covid-19 says CDC

Nearly 5K meat plant workers positive for Covid-19 says CDC

As per data from Centers for Disease Control (CDC), ~5,000 workers at US meat processing plants have tested positive for Covid-19. The workers tested at over 100 meat processing plants in 19 states found that nearly 3% of them were infected. The CDC warned that the real numbers of infected workers could be even higher, as testing limitations prevented it from being able to get the true picture.

porcus 6 months

It's been very obvious for a while now that the virus has infected far more of the population than originally thought, with very little to show for it. The mortality rate is so low that there is no justification for the continued lockdowns. Those who are at risk should self-isolate; the rest of us should return to work.

christine hancock
christine hancock 6 months

Infected as opposed to sickened, as opposed to killed by COVID-19? The difference between alive and not alive is usually obvious. Why is this so hard to tell today?

Skot 6 months

I don't see anyone in the media or critics talking about what I've heard some prominent epidemiologists say--Pointing out in specific detail all numbers for this disease is panic inducing and crazy making. What if we reported on every single incidence of any negative health outcome? This is the darkside of the sort of connectivity that the internet brings and even policy makers aren't immune. This is more akin to a severe flu than the black death. Coronaviruses aren't new. This isn't deadly enough to warrant shutdown. More people are choosing not to go to the hospital for legitimate reasons out of fear of Covid-19 exposure. Little do they know that they may have already been exposed without symptoms. Protect the vulnerable, the elderly until the virus moves through the population. Give the hospitals the resources they need. Inform citizens on bolstering their health and immune response. Employers, give all of your employees paid sick time. Implement Medicare for all. Open all businesses. Live your pathetic terrorized lives.

WorldUndercurrent 6 months

Oh boy, not my chicken nuggets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WorldUndercurrent 6 months

The government can’t even test enough meat workers!?!?! How are we supposed to reopen if we can’t even test some of those brave meat workers 🤠

Paris Cloud
Paris Cloud 6 months


Gordon 6 months

"Please god, save the meat." -John Pinette

Joseph 6 months

Isn't 3% in line with the antibody study from California?

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