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COVID-19 at a glance: Over 3.5M cases globally and 248K deaths

COVID-19 at a glance: Over 3.5M cases globally and 248K deaths

The number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 worldwide has passed 3.5 million. There are currently 3.58 million confirmed cases of the virus, and over 248K deaths. The US has reported 1.18 million cases with 68,602 deaths. US President Trump said he is ’very confident’ there will be vaccine by the end of 2020. New Zealand recorded a day of no new cases for the first time since before the lockdown.

SickOfTribalisem 4 months

So 1.14% of all caaes while india's got around 17.7% of the world's population.. somthing's off... the question is in part how many do they actually test...... but i guess it's possible for india to do such a amazing job... it's posible i guess india is geneticlly more resilient to rhe virus becuse of pooveety and bad conditions... they developed immunity and... and it's also posible and remembee this people!... THEY AREN'T TESTING ENOUGHT... i mean to this degree of....... 40k cases.. is that all.. hard to belive.. and for such a dense fairly poor many ways a amazing one but still poor

GT... 4 months

And most of those deaths coming from very few cities actually.

By Faith
By Faith 4 months

Nobody cares about covid news anymore

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