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UK scientists create coronavirus antibody test with 99% accuracy

UK scientists create coronavirus antibody test with 99% accuracy

A new antibody test to check whether someone has been infected with COVID-19, said to be 99% accurate, has been certified for use across Europe. Global diagnostics specialists Abbott said it is expecting to have shipped millions of the lab based lab tests across Europe by the end of May. The company’s diagnostic test has been given a CE mark showing it complies with EU safety rules.

J. S. Dietrich
J. S. Dietrich 4 months

I wonder how Democrats will react when they see even more evidence that COVID-19 is more widespread and less deadly than previously thought.

Talon One
Talon One 4 months

And somewhere in the background you can hear the screeching of the weirdo that wrote an article about how she doesn't want the UK to achieve anything concerning Corona becaus muh western supremaceh

Inappropriate Name
Inappropriate Name 4 months

Weird how things tend to be made properly when not coming from China.

Matthew 4 months

Hey UK...remember the whole WWII thing? We are going to need a few of those over here before our governers start executing random citizens to "stop the spread." Yours Truly The US.

Greg 4 months

Same story with Roche and Bavaria in Germany. Two polititians (Spahn and Söder) went there to shine in the light of a pressconference. They want to have some MillionenMillionen reliable tests ready in may. Claimed is all detected (100%) and 99% with Proper Resultat aka lelese es than one percent false positive.

BumperCar 4 months

Go UK! ^^

Roamer MGTOW
Roamer MGTOW 4 months

Dont let Gates or Soros find out about this.

Paris Cloud
Paris Cloud 4 months

I've been tempted to buy the at home one from Quest Diagnostic, but I'm waiting to see if there's anything wrong with the test before dropping $120 on it.

Joey K
Joey K 4 months

I keep seeing all these people make "breakthroughs" it's pissing me off. Cool, you did it now hurry up and start mass producing them. Stop telling us and just fix it

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