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US Women’s soccer team’s unequal pay claim dismissed by court

US Women’s soccer team’s unequal pay claim dismissed by court

A federal judge dismissed key parts of the lawsuit of the US women’s national soccer team that they were paid less than the men’s national team. Federal Judge Gary Klausner, however, ordered that claims of unequal working conditions based on travel conditions, and hotel accommodations, can still go to trial. The lawsuit was filed last year and the players had been seeking $66m in damages.

darkwingsmurf 5 months

You are getting paid to play a game. I’m sorry regardless of gender hearing athletes cry over pay for entertainment always bugs me. That being said the woman’s soccer beings in less money so compensation being less than the men’s would make sense. The women make a base salary then get bonuses based on performance. The men only get paid if they play then bonuses for performance. Looks like women get healthcare the men don’t. The men generated more revenue in fewer games $185.7 million in 191 games vs $101.3 over 238 games.

Dust Phoxner
Dust Phoxner 5 months

If you base the womens wage off of the revenue generated by the sport by percentage women earn more than their male counterparts in terms of the revunue shared between the players and the buisness they just make far less in temrs of total profits earned because mens soccer generates more revenue because more people want to watch mens soccer.

Biden is Your Choice?
Biden is Your Choice? 5 months

It's not fair that minor league baseball players aren't paid the same as major league, they're doing the same job. That is the logic that is attempting to be used here. It is false. Just as famous actors bring more money to the screens than minor ones do, they get paid more for it.

David 5 months

Read the decision, the women didn't want the same contract as the men. They rejected pay for play & took a guaranteed base salary, more players under contract for example. They can't now say their being treated differently when they chose to be.

“blue8044” 5 months

womens football not be valued as lesser just because of their gender, its valued lesser because the majority of people who are interested in it prefer to watch men play. Therefore, it is the spectators these womxn footballers should sue.

Emperor Tito
Emperor Tito 5 months

In terms of percentage of revenue they bring in they actually make more than the men do. You don’t get paid the same when you bring in significantly less money.

Sherlock 5 months

Payment for athletes depends on the money they can gather in at events and merchandising. If people don't attend event and don't buy their products then there will not be more money in their pay checks.

Flitch 5 months

Good, when you don't want to play by the same rules and meet the same standards, what makes you think you should be paid the same. I have a problem with how much these people get paid anyway but the demand were ridiculous.

Kramo 5 months

When you want equal pay for work yet you don't work with those getting paid more.

R D 5 months

Why aren't these women getting paid the same as men? They have billions of viewers worldwide and sell out stadiums every week ! Said no one ever.

Joe 5 months

Honestly, this kind of social justice posturing has really turned me off of several sports. Not really interested in the opinions of overpaid athletes.

Lord Flasheart
Lord Flasheart 5 months

I want to know why the US get a news section to them selves when their articles find their way into World section. Time to give Europe a section, UK a section, Asia a section. In world news, I don't give 2 shits about US womens football, or Joe Biden swinging hands with Warren. News Mix is everyone, US is US news, world News is everybody except the US. Have I interpreted this incorrectly? US politics don't mean shit outside of the US. Farken rant over.

Barny Fraggles
Barny Fraggles 5 months

Courts are dispicable, the way they make decisions based on facts when the complainants have such strong feelings they're justified and get almost universal support for their absurd claims in the press.

Smasher Devourer
Smasher Devourer 5 months

The 12 year old boys that beat her ass got paid nothing

Timothy 5 months

Women’s football is on a journey toward success. The players would do well to focus on that journey and enjoy the successes on the way rather than attempt to steal the success from their male counterparts.

.Tet. 5 months

They're forgetting the number of games played and the popularity of the sport. You can't get the same income if you don't pull in the same audience or play the same amount of games. It took too long for them to throw this out. It was easily picked apart with a rudimentary google search plus five extra minutes of reading, after watching their initial claims.

HMZ 5 months

I hope one day there will be a case of male supermodels complaining that they earn less than their female counterparts. Hahahaha. The feminism activists should be smarter when they pick their battles. There is a conversation to be had about equal pay, soccer players is just the wrong battle to pick.

Soul Shakedown
Soul Shakedown 5 months

What - women getting paid more than men for the same work?? This can’t be happening, we have all been told for so long by the media, academics and politicians that women are subjugated, abused and taken advantage of by the patriarchy and that the most common and glaring example of this terrible state of affairs is wage inequality. Those poor women (well, apparently not) on the soccer team must have actually believed the hype even though any decent and honest economist will gladly tell you the gender pay gap is a just another modern myth used to divide and conquer. Those silly girls!

SickOfTribalisem 5 months

Ol so don't bemislead by the deceptive description and story.. the part about the pay wss dismised but the judge allowed the caee to proced basd on such things as mesical and travel exapnces.... peopably just as bullshit as the pay gap but.... we'll see

Kenny 5 months

How can you get paid an equal amount if you’re overall performance is less than the men’s team? Socialism sneaking into everyday life “I deserve to be as well paid as them even though I’m not as good and generate less income into the game” Ridiculous

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