Ex-Green Beret claims he led foiled raid into Venezuela

Ex-Green Beret claims he led foiled raid into Venezuela

A former Green Beret has claimed responsibility for a failed attack aimed at overthrowing Venezuelan President Maduro. Jordan Goudreau’s confessed to having working with a retired army general now facing US narcotics charges to train dozens of deserting Venezuelan soldiers at secret camps inside Colombia. The plan was to ignite a rebellion that would end in Maduro’s arrest.

Coolidge 4 weeks

So either 1: he’s lying for some personal motive 2: he’s telling the truth without authorization for personal gain or political gain 3: he’s been asked to tell the truth with authorization for diplomatic gain Anyone have thoughts on that?

Pascal 4 weeks

Ha ha ha...so funny. Goudreau the ex-marine invading Venezuela

Sloth 4 weeks

Jack Ryan plot is now a headline? Well not quite... But close enough I guess.

Otis B Driftwood
Otis B Driftwood 4 weeks

The media is going to try to turn this into the next Bay of Pigs, whether it was authorized by the US government or not.

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