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Biden campaign unveils plan to empower black voters

Biden campaign unveils plan to empower black voters

Biden’s presidential campaign Monday rolled out its plan targeted toward helping reduce racial wealth and health gaps and increase access to education among new policies aimed at reaching black voters.The plan calls for expanding African Americans’ access to credit to minimize racial disparities in lending and would establish a public health insurance option, and expand investments in Medicaid.

Stanley 6 months

Blacks in inner cities and the rural South have been voting Democratic Party for years and where had it got them? The party takes them for granted and their communities stay the same--lousy schools, high crime. Why not try a Republican solution instead?--local businesses providing employment, community colleges training people for those jobs, K-12 vouchers so they can put their kids in schools with discipline and serious purpose--more magnets and charters, teacher tenure only after long-term proof of excellence.

AdamsAudiVlog 6 months

Good lord just F off already. This guy. OKkkkk wHaTs YoUR AmAzInG pLaN for bLaCk people. Like he knows anything about ANYTHING.

Adam Marceau
Adam Marceau 6 months

O look Democrats pandering to blacks again for the last 70 years when have they ever actually made their lives better. As soon as they win it will be racist trash Bill's that wont pass as a virtue signal and then nothing like every time before

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