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WHO: No proof from US on ’speculative’ China lab coronavirus claims

WHO: No proof from US on ’speculative’ China lab coronavirus claims

The WHO called claims by the US that COVID-19 began in a Chinese lab ’speculative,’ saying it has yet to see any evidence, and would be willing to review any information about the origin of the pandemic. ’If that data is available, it would be up to the US to decide whether and when it can be shared but it’s difficult for WHO to operate in an information vacuum,’ said WHO senior official Mike Ryan

Soul Shakedown
Soul Shakedown 4 months

The WHO is utterly corrupt and incompetent. No one gives a rat’s ass what they think except for the media and the sheeple.

Robert_Clearwater 4 months

An endorsement or recognition of any kind from the WHO is toxic at this point. "The WHO has decided to endorse Biden for 2020," read the last miserable tweet of the Biden campaign before its utter implosion.

Bradley 4 months

This is the WHO that praised China's response to the crisis, despite the fact they obviously lied about their figures and downplayed the severity of the illness.

unvoided 4 months

I like how they say "if the information is avaliable" like they're so positive they destroyed all evidence

Aaron 4 months

Says he China's WHO.

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