Trump’s pick to lead intelligence agencies being considered by Senate

Trump’s pick to lead intelligence agencies being considered by Senate

The United States Senate on Tuesday began to consider the nomination of John Ratcliffe, a Republican Representative from Texas, to be the director of national intelligence. President Donald Trump had first proposed installing Mr. Ratcliffe to the job last summer, but went back on his decision after lawmakers raised objections on Mr. Ratcliffe’s lack of experience and alleged partisan record.

Edmond_Dantes 3 weeks

Who's ready for more unsubstantiated rape claims?

Adam Marceau
Adam Marceau 3 weeks

Good pic he was working with nunes on the house oversight committee investigation into #spygate I recommend reading the 2018 report its very damming of the FBI and DOJ with the events surrounding the illegal conduct and violation of rights through the 2016 election

Jon 3 weeks

Oh no. That guys picture shows up in the dictionary next to Sycophant. Get ready to have intelligence locked away and hidden at all costs if it makes the president look bad in anyway. Time to go full authoritarian.

Elaine 2 weeks

@Jon You aren't far from the truth there. People are concerned that Trump will to cancel the election this year. The reports of gun sales going up because of the pandemic, is disturbing. If Trump gets re-elected the US is done, and we will slide into a dictatorship. If he is not re-re-elected his sycophants will start a civil war, and blood will be shed. Never had guns before in my home, but I certainly do now.

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