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COVID-19 model, cited by White House, doubles projected US deaths

COVID-19 model, cited by White House, doubles projected US deaths

A coronavirus model put forth by the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) at the University of Washington has doubled its projections for US deaths. The model now forecasts that more than 134,000 people will die from COVID-19 by August. Researchers updated their methodology to account for an increasingly restless population and moves in many states to ease restrictions.

Mickey Juice
Mickey Juice 4 months

Projecting fear..... Big bad virus will get you. Better stay at home. Except not one projection has been correct on this. A lot like global warming.... I mean climate change... sorry climate crisis. Go clap your hands and dance on tik tok.

America 4 months

Is this one of those things where the faux news uses COVID to spread panic used to control the masses for more political gain? Turns out the truth sets us free after all. This is what happens when one side spins a narrative out of control and refuses to let it go. We'll see more stories like this.

A 4 months

anyone that doesn't think this is a possibility doesn't quite understand what exponential growth rate means or how multiplication works.

darkwingsmurf 4 months

None of these models I have seen used have yet to be close. Almost like the polls from 2016

KOAN. 4 months

They’ll be trying to extend lock downs we’ll into the elections. Anything to stop Biden from taking stage in person and embarrassing himself.

ian 4 months

But what about herd immunity? and there’s literally studies that show the virus (in saliva) dies after 18 hours of sunlight? And not a single projection has been close to reality. Also why dont all the sick, compromised, or old people just stay home and collect welfare and the rest of the healthy people go out and work and build the herd immunity. Swedens doing fine. Fear projections.

FirstCensorshipThenJail 4 months

Dr. Fauci, How did that polybasic furin cleavage site PRRA get into COVID - 19?

IIzard 4 months

Compared to the millions projected before? Bias fearmongering resorting.

filchface 4 months

So, by August, it will have been seven months since covid outbreak. The CDC predicts by then we will have a total of 160k deaths in the USA. Do you know how many deaths are in New York State alone in one year? Around 160K. Call me crazy, but this number does not frighten me. I realize that this 160k is only supposed to be caused by corona alone, but let’s be honest, is it really? Anyway, I’d rather get sick and die going to burning man, than have to live a whole year caged up like an animal. That’s if I did trust the CDC and the WHO, which I don’t, so there is also that.

riheg 4 months

But the republicans complained non stop that the predictions changed (due to changing circumstances). I wonder if they will protest this too or accept a minimum of science? Will they let reality disturb their ”one permanent projection” ideal now?

michael 4 months

this would all be over much more quickly if we could get that testing done. why don't we hire these out of work people in temporary government medical supply factories? oh that's right, that would be a form of socialism, so it's automatically bad according to old people with knee jerk regressive ideologies.

Matthew 4 months

This is going to happen. This lockdown, barring a miracle cure, will not stop anyone from getting Covid. All it will do is lengthen the process. We cannot stay locked down forever or even a couple of more months. I don't care what the projections are, we have no choice at this point. Monitor the situation locally and respond as nessesary to keep the medical system functioning is the best we can do.

Rational ific
Rational ific 4 months

At first, I thought the woman in the picture was the "COVID-19 model".

Mac 4 months

I believe jim justice put it best. "Yes we can reopen if people listen to the f_ing guidelines. Governor of west by god Virginia ..

Outlaw 4 months

Doubled due to the misinformation causing people to demand going back to work at the peak of the pandemic.

Dips**t Don Sarcasm
Dips**t Don Sarcasm 4 months

The bright side? Darwinism will help rid us of many of these idiots.

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