UK Government decision to go it alone with contact tracing app may backfire

UK Government decision to go it alone with contact tracing app may backfire

What initially seemed to be a technical decision has opened a can of privacy law worms in UK. While China, South Korea and others quickly rolled out GPS based contact tracing apps, In Europe and USA concerns over privacy were raised. UK decided to go it alone, rejecting Apple and Google peer-to-peer Bluetooth solutions. Britons travelling abroad may find themselves having to download a second app

Flitch 3 weeks

And hear I was thinking the app was optional, why would anyone HAVE to download a second app, let alone the first. Perhaps looking to make it mandatory? If so, I'm kissing Goodby to my phone outside of work use.

Dave 3 weeks

Of course the UK doesn't give a crap about our privacy. We are already recorded in CCTV everywhere we go, tracked through card payments and mobile activity and cops are paid to sit around and sift through our social media looking for something to tell us off for. Why not just go full fascist and shove a homing beacon up our asses that just zaps us now and then, incase we were thinking of doing something illegal?

Benjamin 3 weeks

China rolled out the app very quickly, but US and UK, were late to the game due to privacy concerns. Well thank god for that. I can’t imagine there were any privacy concerns raised in China. I’m surprised they had to build an app rather than a simple update in the tracking apps they are already using to monitor their citizens every move.

Peter 3 weeks

It is an outrageous idea based on fraudulent science.

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