Back off call to fully strike down Obamacare, Barr tells Trump administration

Back off call to fully strike down Obamacare, Barr tells Trump administration

William Barr, the Attorney General on Monday made a last minute attempt to try and convince the Trump administration to alter its position in the Obamacare dispute. The Supreme Court will hear the dispute this fall. Mr. Barr said that the government should pull back from its stance that the entire law be struck down.

Rocky 3 months

I have not been able to afford health insurance since the so called affordable care act came on line. It will go down as the largest failure of a federal government program in history. More harm done than good. It has caused increased healthcare costs for every American. Get the government out of my healthcare so we can afford it again please! I have had to go through lung cancer as a self pay as a result. No it did not bankrupt me or anything like that (was actually quite affordable when paying cash), but we can still lower costs by removing federal government subsidies and regulations on both the healthcare industry and insurance industry. The big players have continued to lobby for more and more regulations so they could eliminate competition and inflate profits.

M. Schlegel
M. Schlegel 3 months

Well “Obamacare” was bad except it’s still better than nothing... Replace it with something better. People need healthcare, US is paying more per capita for healthcare than any other western nation while on average recieving worse care. That needs to change. US has excellent healthcare for the most wealthy. The rest might be better than most developing nations but far worse than most Euroean contries e.g. There are many possibilities how to tackle the problem. Socialized, centrelized healthcare like medicare for all is just one possibility. The UK has a similar system. Other natiina have different systems that do work. In Germany the health insurance companies are private businesses. But highly regulated and there is a system in place that garantees everyone gets access. They waste less money on administration and advertising and pay less for medication...

Boo 3 months

Sure keep it for another year then sink it.

Jon 3 months

Only a moron would support dismantling healthcare during a pandemic and a moron we have.

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