Trade deficit in the United States widens

Trade deficit in the United States widens

The Trade deficit in the United States of America has widened to $44.4 billion from the $39.8 billion reported in February. The trade balance has tumbled in March due to a record crash in exports. This is after the smallest deficit since September 2016 was achieved in the month of February.

M. Schlegel
M. Schlegel 2 weeks

While not an unimportant figure people should stop looking only at the trede deficit in this debates, international trade relationships are more complicated than that. Also: lets look at these numbers once this health crisis is over. The current value has near to no meaning. If the US doesn’t export much now but focuses on being in good shape after this crisis, things can get back on track quite fast. However if nothing is done and while this is debatable I don’t consider the stimulus packages near enough, the economy could also keep crashing after the crisis. So long story short: don’t focus on now, focus on how to get the US without to much damage through the crisis amd focus on what lies ahead.

Rocky 2 weeks

"Trade Deficit" is a useless term. If we bought things from someone else we both win. There is no loser in a trade deal. Both sides believe the trade is beneficial for them or they don't do it. When I purchase a loaf of bread I am not at a trade deficit. We both walk away with the exact same value as we came in with.

Occam’s lazer
Occam’s lazer 2 weeks

It’s all coming together

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