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Researcher working on coronavirus murdered in Pittsburgh

Researcher working on coronavirus murdered in Pittsburgh

Bing Liu, a researcher working on the coronavirus research project, was killed in an alleged murder-suicide. Liu, who was an assistant professor at the University of Pittsburgh was inside his Ross Township home when he was shot dead. As per a statement, ’Bing was on the verge of making very significant findings toward understanding the cellular mechanisms that underlie SARS-CoV-2 infection’.

Emperor Tito
Emperor Tito 5 months

A murder suicide with no apparent motive? Yeah right. Someone is hiding something.

JerryBulletSponge 5 months

Go away CCP

Iwoueven 5 months

This is one of those suicides where they shot themselves in the back of the head screaming "Please, comrade, don't!", isn't it?

ian 5 months

Their probably hiding a genetically modified DNA sequence that proves IT WAS LAB CREATED, specifically to target humans. But who knows..??

Boudica 5 months

It's fine, this is fine.

Ironborn Pyke
Ironborn Pyke 5 months

No motive? CCP has a little motivation

Peking Biden
Peking Biden 5 months

Bing Liu didn't kill himself.

Syrocynical 5 months

who’s surprised this happened? not me

Dear 5 months

CCP back at it again. What are they hiding? 🤔🤔

AdamsAudiVlog 5 months

Anyone who thinks this is OBVIOUSLY suspicious better not be labeled a 'conspiracy theorist'. Sometimes the conspiracy is real.

Jester 5 months


Migaligazoid 5 months

Ro ro. Roffing to see rere. It's re Rararicans fo sure ro.

Angry Mister Yellow Face!
Angry Mister Yellow Face! 5 months

Bing Liu didn’t Epstein himself.

michael 5 months

I'm not prone to conspiracies, but this reeks.

Jay 5 months

Oops, wrong guy!!

Flash Reviews
Flash Reviews 5 months

New Conspiracy theories about COVID 19, or should we start calling them FACTS!

hero 5 months

What is really going on here? Also 3 doctors have "fell" out of Windows at their hospitals. How tf did they just "fall"? Nobody? Anybody? No answer huh?smh

Cole. 5 months

huh would you look at that

Daniel McEwen
Daniel McEwen 5 months

As per everyone else, this is highly suspicious. The only question is what government is behind it. I don't think China or the US are off the table on this one.

Gilbert 5 months

I don’t believe it’s murder suicide. That to convenient and everybody thinks Murder Suicides are always a cover up. In this case I will watch out for anybody in the lab suddenly has a cure or something like that.

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