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Grand Jury to decide if case against two Georgia men who shot a man as valid

Grand Jury to decide if case against two Georgia men who shot a man as valid

A Grand Jury is set to weigh the merits of a case against a father-son pair who stand accused of murdering an unarmed man while trying to perform a citizens arrest. The men claim they believed the man to have been a suspect in a series of recent robberies and say that after they asked him to stop, a fight broke out which ended in the man being killed by a shotgun involved in the violent encounter.

Spartan Life
Spartan Life
Supreme 6 months

I love hearing how this was justified. I get that citizens can make arrests but with no evidence that he was the one committing the robberies. Why aren't these guys in jail? Hmmmmm

Nate 6 months

Totally normal response. You suspect a jogger of being a burglar and then role up on him with guns instead of calling the cops like a normal person. This was murder plain and simple

Harrison 6 months

waiting for him with a shotgun. smells like the lynching mentality hasn’t died among some southern whites.

tsylana 6 months

Finally arrested for the lynching. Ahmaud Arbery: former police officer and son charged in shooting of black man

IIzard 6 months

Jogging while black! Know their names! Who cares, it's another man bites dog story, white violence against blacks is so rare it's national news at every instance.

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