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Judge rules New York must hold presidential primary as planned on June 23

Judge rules New York must hold presidential primary as planned on June 23

The New York Democratic presidential primary must take place June 23, as previously scheduled, a judge ruled Tuesday. Judge Analisa Torres of the Southern District of New York said that the decision by the New York State Board of Elections to cancel the primary was unconstitutional. The order returns all qualifying presidential candidates — including Bernie Sanders — to the primary ballot.

Mathieu 6 months

This is such BS : - Coronavirus fear? Mail-in ballots. - Sanders dropped out so it doesn't matter? This is going to be a contested convention, meaning candidates holding delegates can influence decisions. Sanders already said he wants remain on the ballot otherwise he would not have dropped out. Somehow these articles "forget" to mention that. NY cancelling the primary is a blatant attempt to deprive people of their rights and disempower Sanders and his movement.

Boo 6 months

These darn judges keep making the Dems do the right thing. Who do they think they are? -Nancy Pelosi

Sterling 6 months

I don't see what is the point for this. I mean not only there is a virus going on which yeah that's why we have mail ballots. However, Joe Biden is the only Democrat candidate running, unless Bernie Sanders is coming back to run again? I do hope Bernie does get a good solid majority in New York.

Dawlben 6 months

The trouble is there are laws on the book forcing this. The legislature should be able to stop it but they don't want to.

That Guy
That Guy 6 months

As a New York taxpayer, I would prefer that my money not be wasted on this bullcaca.

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