Putin’s popularity rating falls to lowest level amid Covid-19 outbreak

Putin’s popularity rating falls to lowest level amid Covid-19 outbreak

According to a poll carried out by the independent Levada Center, Russian President Putin’s approval rating fell to 59% in Apr, down from 63% in Mar as Covid-19 crisis engulfs the country. The survey comprised of 1,608 votes from Russian adults between April 24-27. However, it was a telephonic poll against a face to face, which could be a key contribution to Putin’s lower rating.

michael 3 weeks

oh no, that will help his opponent.....nobody.

Sandro M.
Sandro M. 3 weeks

Unfortunately Russians don’t stand up to their tyrant leaders until they literally begin to starve to death..

DivineDawn 3 weeks

Wonder if these adults will disappear? Does Russia still do that?

Arthur 3 weeks

just who comes up with the questions on surveys? they are all ment to illicet the response they want! and who responds to this crap!

WorldUndercurrent 3 weeks

Porcus and Vaas, what do you think of your president? Ahem, I mean Putin? Not too many comments on this thread... hmm 🤔🧐🤨

FactCheckerNeil 3 weeks

59% might be a new low but it's only a few % lower than I've ever seen it. Given how he's left his own citizens without medical equipment by giving some to other countries it's amazing it's not lower. How it isn't the same as the % of people who believe a word he says (20%ish) is beyond me.

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