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UK Police should decide if ’Professor Lockdown’ breach needs further action

UK Police should decide if ’Professor Lockdown’ breach needs further action

A shocked UK Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, Matt Hancock has said police should decide whether to take action against government key coronavirus advisor Professor Neil Ferguson. So-called ’Professor Lockdown’ resigned the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies after it emerged his married lover visited his home twice in breach of UK social distancing rules.

Avi Khait
Avi Khait 4 months

And these people shame me for picking my nose? (said a little boy who caught his parents doing it)

Flitch 4 months

All he did was break quarentine, it's not like he misgendered anyone on twitter. 2 weeks in solitary should suffice.

bobby_5150 4 months

To think, the US lost tens of thousands of troops saving the UK from the goose steppers, and now they are the goose steppers.

DivineDawn 4 months

Bullshit anyway booty calls are essential

WWG1WGA 4 months

UK police need to worry as bout all the rapist/pedophile muzzies. It's absolutely disgusting they let this happen to 10's of thousands of children but yet worry about social media post.

“blue8044” 4 months

rules for the plebs & rules for the politicians.

Joseph 4 months

This summary is poor. The government does not intend on taking action.... Scotland Yard said Prof Ferguson's behaviour was "plainly disappointing" but officers "do not intend to take any further action".

Tin Ego
Tin Ego 4 months

I think the irony is that he’s the clown that insisted on lockdown rather than the Swedish type model of isolation for those vulnerable and herd immunity that Britain was going to pursue before he turned up crying about computer models showing 200000 deaths

IIzard 4 months

Or maybe that's the job of the crown prosecution service, not the police who are acting like a bunch of fascists.

SickOfTribalisem 4 months

Oh so we've got a good old rules of thee but not for me... a old on but still a clasic.. seems to infect people nowdays.. mostly the left in recent years...

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