Arguments on birth control coverage being heard by Supreme Court

Arguments on birth control coverage being heard by Supreme Court

The United States Supreme Court on Wednesday heard arguments on whether the administration of President Donald Trump can make it simpler for employers with moral and religious objections to opt out of providing free birth control coverage in insurance plans. This case pits a woman’s access to contraceptives against religious freedom, and is thus being followed closely by a large number of people.

Tom A
Tom A
Boo 3 months

Fight them little sisters of the poor. We stand behind u. Don't let the Dems bullies bully u. Shame of the Dems. Funny how the 'powerless victims' become the bully once they become powerful.

michael 3 months

why is contraception bad? honestly, it prevents abortions. why object to contraceptives unless you want to treat the "miracle" of childbirth as a punishment. companies are amoral units of capitalism, they are not units of faith. if you employ even one person you do not have the right to impose your religious ideas on another. you can't "protect" these company owners "rights" without violating their employees rights. this is another reason why healthcare should not be bound to employment.

Rocky 3 months

Government should not be making medical decisions. That is between a doctor and the patient. We need to remove the feds from healthcare as soon as possible. They have artificially inflated the healthcare market costs for average Americans. As far as employee/employer relationships, they are voluntary. You have all the ability in the world to research a company including benefits before accepting the position. If you disagree with their policies then work somewhere else that more closely aligns with what you want. People reserve the right to run their business any way they want. If the general public disagree with a business's practice they will not use them and the business will fail. We don't need court judgements or laws to influence market pressures.

tsylana 3 months

There are zero negatives to having contraception widely available and free from insurance industry screwing.

Jon 3 months

Why should an employer get to decide what someones healthcare covers. How F'ed in the head do you have to bento buy into this non sense? Then pass M4A so people can get the F ing care they need its not that hard. Jesus christ 🤦‍♂️🙄

Met Man
Met Man 3 months

Freedom of religion also includes freedom from religion. This means that your religious objection should not affect other people with different views. Everyone pays taxes for things they don't agree with, that does not mean you can not pay your tax for specific things. Same with healthcare, you pay for all care and not specific things

Jon 3 months

Old white Republicans don't understand that contraception is used for others things than paying for a womens sex life.

Mia 1 months

Do people just forget that the separation of church and state exists?

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