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Trump disagrees after nurse reports ’sporadic’ supply of protective gear

Trump disagrees after nurse reports ’sporadic’ supply of protective gear

President Trump Wednesday disagreed with a New Orleans nurse who reported a ’sporadic’ supply of personal protective equipment. ’Sporadic for you but not sporadic for a lot of other people,’ Trump said. The exchange came when a reporter asked the nurses attending the National Nurse Day event at Oval if their PPE supplies are where they need to be. Many of them though nodded in affirmation.

Jon 6 months

We are now also rationing sani wipes because we are having a hard time getting them. She is absolutely correct and he just brushed her off. What a complete piece of shit he is.

Dust Phoxner
Dust Phoxner 6 months

Project Veritas did a video where a hospital had its staff wait in testing lines to make it seem longer than it was. CBS knowing this was false and they were acting rolled with it to drum up the numbers, fear, and to paint the narrative of orange man bad.

Timothy 6 months

The failures in domestic supply chains today have their roots in the 1970’s. We are all to blame because we all want the cheapest possible price for most of our purchases.

Pedro Rodriguez
Pedro Rodriguez 6 months

Stop making Tik Tok videos with the PPE if there's a shortage of them.

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