Confession by US citizen over failed coup aired by Venezuela TV

Confession by US citizen over failed coup aired by Venezuela TV

A video of a US citizen has been shown by Venezuela’s state TV. In the video, the US citizen can be seen confessing to plans to overthrow the President Nicolas Maduro in order to bring him to the United States. US involvement has been denied by President Trump.

Takoda Ackerley
Takoda Ackerley 3 weeks

It's not like the US hasn't done something like this before. Of course, it still needs to be proven, or it's just a political move to increase his strength as president.

Beisht Kione
Beisht Kione 2 weeks

I have a very hard time believing that the US would send two Americans in a 13 man team to take Maduro to the US. This is fantasy. I actually know a spec ops guy. This kindve mission would've involved so many more people, and they wouldn't have dropped on a beach. They would've dropped right on top of their target with dozens of operators. Troop carrier choppers unloading tons of men. For an op like this, if you use your head, they wouldn't bring Maduro to the US either. You'd take home to Columbia or some other close nation. This is supposed to look like the US isnt involved, so you ship him to the US? None of this passes the smell test.

M. Schlegel
M. Schlegel 2 weeks

So even coups get privatized these days and than you get ripped off, where did they buy this coup, at a garage sell? I mean I could probably mount a better attempt between my friends and family xD either they got ripped of really hard and were quite illusional or Maduro staged it to have a reason to paint the US as the bad invasor (not that the US have no guilt in the situation in Venezuela the US even helps worse dictators in other places when their policies are convenient but how dare you are a dictator with different opinions than the US... this doesn’t change the fact that Maduro tries hard to kill every bit of freedom left in Venezuela but the US lends itself quite willingly to the image Maduro wants to paint...). I’m not sure yet what was behind this action but it stinks like something staged.

SomeGuyWhoDoesThings 3 weeks

I can also make someone confess to being the pretty pink princess of fairy land by using jumper cables too...

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