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Pell knew of child sex abuse by clergy for decades, concludes inquiry

Pell knew of child sex abuse by clergy for decades, concludes inquiry

A Govt. inquiry has concluded that Australian Cardinal George Pell knew that the notorious pedophile priest Gerald Ridsdale had been moved decades ago because he had sexually abused children. Findings from the report on child sexual abuse had been released in 2017, but findings concerning Pell had been redacted until Thursday to avoid prejudicing juries.

Sapper 5 months

No excuse. No remorse. Every one who destroys a child in the most heinous way should be put to death. Period. No BS ‘cultural’, ‘mentally ill’ crap, our children are the most beautiful and precious thing in our world. Hang them high, regardless of how ‘elite’ they think they are. The people getting away with this pure evil, sadly, are those who make the law.

Burn 5 months

This is so surprising, the church hiding a pedo? So shocked.

Alex. 5 months

What he needs is a short rope and a tall tree

Judge Dredd
Judge Dredd 5 months

Nothing new. People should keep their kids at home when they go to church bcs of pedo priests which appear to be a lot out there.

riheg 5 months

Its not just the church. Pedos find their way where ever they can. The islamic world is even better. Its a public “secret.” Except when islamic scholars define the boundaries. In Saudi Arabia they trade kids openly in social media and have an import from Africa. But they have the media on their side because of money and many journalists islamophilia.

Pigdog5150 5 months

Burn them all.

Braces4Impact 5 months

Shameful. If any other secular organization had allowed, even assisted in what the Catholic Church has done, it would have been sold piecemeal to the highest bidder by now. The church should not be exempt from justice because it's a religious organization.

krayzie 5 months

Only about 8000 more to go.

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