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UK PM to review lockdown restrictions with cabinet

UK PM to review lockdown restrictions with cabinet

PM Johnson will review lockdown restrictions with his cabinet later, after suggesting some rules could be eased from Mon. Thurs marks the deadline for the earlier announced lockdown measures. The PM will address the nation on Sun to outline plans for the next stage of lockdown. Although the lockdown will largely stay in place, the ’stay at home’ orders are expected to be withdrawn.

Flitch 6 months

It's about time, just have people wear some kind of face covering while on public transport or in shops and get things going again. The recession will be no joke at this point. I know it's considered rude in the UK to cover your face in public, but we could always have a unisex burka ha.

Given Name 123
Given Name 123 6 months

Second most deaths globally, but yes let's ease lockdown. Probably realized he can't pay every single mom and keep businesses running when there is not enough money stolen from the public. #youclapformenow

Jack 6 months

Epitome of moronic. His blinders are on really tight; especially after recovery.

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