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Scientists find a way to disable obesity gene in mice

Scientists find a way to disable obesity gene in mice

Researchers at the Washington University School of Medicine claim to have found a way to disable the obesity gene. As per a study, the research led by Dr. Steven L. Teitelbaum was able to disable a gene in mice cells that has shown to prevent mice from becoming obese even if fed a high-fat diet. The treated mice (whose ASXL2 gene was deleted) burned 45% more calories than those not treated.

Kathy 6 months

MATA - Make American Thin Again

SickOfTribalisem 6 months

Ok so a high fat diet... haven't u heared about keto... i wonder if that's a about next time high carb diet...

AD C 6 months

Here's hoping this doesn't have severe side effects.

Dank Duck
Dank Duck 6 months

You know obesity gene is basically people living in denial about this whole thing right. If you have people close to you that make this claim, you know what I'm talking about. If they want to really disable the gene, that's basically disabling your whole gene. Don't misallocate the source of the problem because you will never really solve it. Start with yourself and accept you can change things in your life towards health, however small you can.

IIzard 6 months

Burning more calories makes you lose weight.... SHOCKING NEWS.

critter 6 months

Looks like it's time to buy stock in The Cheesecake Factory! 😂

Airus 6 months

Yeah it's called jogging. Try it when you need a second dinner

Sapper 6 months

Gene??? Don’t give greedy/ lazy people excuses. Everything in moderation, eat healthily and exercise regularly- it isn’t rocket science.

SickOfTribalisem 6 months

Btw people... remember we still don't know thr ful consuqances in countries like japan they have some if the highest diebites rates in the world despite being thin... it's genetic ok got it but the health effects aren't really controllable this way (at least not yet)

Ivan Ivanovich Ivanovski
Ivan Ivanovich Ivanovski 6 months


Roamer MGTOW
Roamer MGTOW 6 months

Um didnt this already happen in the 1995 version of the Nutty Professor?

Jay 6 months

You will lose weight but you will wreck you’re liver. The body works by being in balance. Too much consumption will create fatty liver and eventual failure.

Joey K
Joey K 6 months

Doesn't matter. We could cure obesity completely with no side effects and the fat acceptance crowd would still complain that it was discriminating against obese people.

TheWeakMinded 6 months

"Genetics" the ultimate copout. The vast majority of fat people are there by their own choice. I used to be 250, 165 now. It's not your Gene's, it's you action or lack thereof

Max Bants
Max Bants 6 months

Give me that shit right now. I'm healthy and fit, but don't think for one second i wouldn't cram my face with cake all day if i thought i could get away with it!

Melmel 6 months

Fat isn't what makes you fat. Sugar is. That misconception needs to be stopped.

Mutatis 6 months

Not sure if messing with genetics is the best way to resolve a rather recent issue, regarding diet/physical exertion, for humanity. Genetics tend to evolve in different directions for a reason, and I would be caution that removing one perceived weakness does not lead to the rise of even greater biological weaknesses.

Daniel McEwen
Daniel McEwen 6 months

Why change your eating habits when you can just take a pill? Same with heart disease and high blood pressure. Doubtless promoted by the pharmaceutical industry.

Lord Flasheart
Lord Flasheart 6 months

Maybe this is how we get zombies

Dr. Ötker
Dr. Ötker 6 months

Michael Moore approves!

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