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South Carolina woman arrested for licking spree

South Carolina woman arrested for licking spree

A South Carolina woman has been arrested after she was caught licking her hands and touching items inside a grocery store. Shenir Gibson Holliday, 38, was taken into custody after police said they reviewed video footage inside an IGA supermarket in Sumter. She was earlier wanted for licking her hands and touching items at a local sandwich shop.

No Signal
No Signal 4 months

With people looking for new and more dumber ways to die... just shoot the bitch.

space ghost
space ghost 4 months

Da fuq wrong with dis asshat.

Shalyn 4 months

I just want to know why? What is her reasoning behind this? Inquiring minds want to know!!

That Guy
That Guy 4 months


Guffypaws 4 months

The outbreak seems like a call order to all the mentally ill to go licking everything.

Daniel 4 months

Is this what happens when you go too long without having been consentially touched?

jared edwards
jared edwards 4 months

What a nasty beetch.

MrWizard 4 months

Even without a flu, this is inappropriate behaviour. The looks like a methhead though.

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