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New Jersey ’Bridgegate’ scandal convictions overturned by Supreme Court

New Jersey ’Bridgegate’ scandal convictions overturned by Supreme Court

The Supreme Court of the United States ruled on Thursday that aides to Chris Christie, the former Governor of New Jersey who found themselves in the center of the ’Bridgegate’ scandal did not engage in criminal acts. They had, however, engaged in corruption and abuse of power, the Supreme Court further ruled.

michael 6 months

the lesson here seems to be: if you don't make money from your actions, you are allowed to abuse your power to make political rival's constituents lives miserable.

David 6 months

In case you missed the reason the US Supreme court dismissed the convictions 9 to 0, the law they were charged with didn't apply to the wrongdoing, dumb a.. thing they did. Doesn't mean there may not be something else they can be charged with.

Jon 6 months

Open your business during lockdown = jail. Abuse of power and corruption = no biggie.

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