German counterintelligence agency omits Israel from map in report, apologizes

German counterintelligence agency omits Israel from map in report, apologizes

The head of MAD, German military counterintelligence service, issued an extraordinary statement of apology for the omission of the state of Israel from the map. German defense ministry tweeted on Wed that the error was a product of a software problem. After public criticism, the MAD spokesman said that while graphically editing the Jordan area of ​​operation, Israel was also accidentally colored.

Avi Khait
Avi Khait
Jason 3 weeks

Of all the countries to make THIS mistake. Lol. Just bad optics. Especially when people cant let things go.

Correspondent in Virginia
Correspondent in Virginia 3 weeks

Old habits die hard I guess

Dave 3 weeks

MAD lads.

TheLibCon 3 weeks

What else should you expect from a bunch of nazis?

porcus 3 weeks

Pretty hard to make a mistake like that.

Robert_Clearwater 3 weeks

This is the dumbest thing ever. I can hear it now: "Oh no, that European country with a sordid history (haha that narrows it down) accidentally left a country off of a map. My frail constitution can no longer stand, I must faint."

MATHematics 3 weeks

Omg the optics

Emperor Tito
Emperor Tito 3 weeks

Let’s see there, attempting to dominate Europe, drawing closer to with an evil Asian power, and being d**ks to the Jews... yep looks like they’re trying to finally conclude the world war trilogy.

Adam Marceau
Adam Marceau 3 weeks

From reading the headline counter intelligence has a double meaning here

Cole Erdmann
Cole Erdmann 3 weeks

Way to go Germany. Can't help but to wipe the jews off the map a second time eh?

Joseph Cribari
Joseph Cribari 3 weeks

I'm on the fence with Israel. I share their disdain towards Islam, but it's not the 1600s anymore, we moved passed colonization by invasion

fecfur 3 weeks

How is this news, it was a mistake who effing cares

bobby_5150 3 weeks

They failed in '41. Time for a new strategy.

Captain D’s nuts
Captain D’s nuts 3 weeks

So what, plenty of countries don’t recognize Israel. I think they call it Palestine

Ken Jerome
Ken Jerome 3 weeks

Israel will turn this into another massacre of Palestians and theft of their homes..

AbsentSal 3 weeks

This is just... unfortunate and hilarious

Auster Maeson
Auster Maeson 3 weeks

This is life in 2020...

Bradley 3 weeks

Dang, they just can't quit lol

not the 1%
not the 1% 2 weeks

and who said germans dont have a sense of humour...too funny

FATBINK 3 weeks

Good. As it should be.

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