Texas Supreme Court orders release of woman jailed over COVID-19 restrictions

Texas Supreme Court orders release of woman jailed over COVID-19 restrictions

The Texas Supreme Court has ordered the release of Salon owner Shelley Luther while they weigh an appeal challenging her incarceration as improper. Luther was found in contempt as she ignored a court order to close her business and was sentenced to a $7000 fine and 7 days in Dallas County jail. County officials have been ordered to issue a response to the challenge by 4PM on Monday.

Garthak 3 weeks

Good, stay at home orders have no legal standing, as far as I'm concerned. It's more of a strong recommendation

tenoclock 3 weeks


porcus 3 weeks

The judge jailed her not for her actions but because she refused to bend the knee to him and apologize. Good for her for standing up to an Authoritarian shit.

Chris Cahill
Chris Cahill 3 weeks

Good and saw a story where Ted Cruz went and got his hair did by her

F G 3 weeks

Did you see the said incident video? The judge was enjoying his authoritarian power grabbing decision with such pride.

Hershel 3 weeks

Well, she gon have her building rent paid for the next year courtesty of the taxpayers because of this. Good. Hopefully Isreal can manage with a few hundred thousand less.

Robert 3 weeks

This salon owner stood up for freedom in the face of Tyranny. I give her courage a great deal of kudos, well done. Either we have freedom or the government exceeds their legal status. Government can't be above the law nor set it aside as long as citizens protest.

ConcealCarryProtect 3 weeks

If you wear a mask. Cover. Your. Damn. Nose. Im so tired of seeing it and everytime I want to RIP the mask off people's faces. Ugh.

Brad 2 weeks

The salon owner is an irresponsible knucklehead, and all those supporting her are even dumber.

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