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Brawl breaks out at mall in Atlanta the day it reopens after lockdown

Brawl breaks out at mall in Atlanta the day it reopens after lockdown

A fight between several people broke out at a mall in Atlanta the day it reopened after the state’s lockdown. The incident was caught on video and involves three women scuffling with a security guard in the parking lot of the Cumberland Mall. A man suddenly came flying into the frame dropkicked one of the women, shoved the security guard and fled with another woman who was involved in the fight.

Tom A
Tom A
Ofresh 4 months

All I saw was a future doctor and mathematician discussing epistemology and foundations of justified true belief when suddenly a community organizer jumped in to mention the finer points of aerodynamic cutoff jean shorts. Ya’ll racist.

michael 4 months

THIS is why we can't have nice things.

Otis B Driftwood
Otis B Driftwood 4 months

Is this significantly different than any other day in an Atlanta mall? Seriously, y'all are acting like people weren't barbarians before the lockdown.

tenoclock 4 months

That was the weakest fly kick I've ever seen. He should be arrested just for spreading disappointment.

space ghost
space ghost 4 months

Covid 19 turns people’s brains to mush zombies will be here soon. Fly kicks are the only way to fend them off.

Daniel 4 months

A metaphor for America? Perhaps.

darkwingsmurf 4 months

IDK that looks more like just a fight not a brawl. Here I would have though the bigger story was a lack of mask and no social distancing.

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