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FDA approves new Coronavirus tests

FDA approves new Coronavirus tests

A Coronavirus saliva test developed at a Rutgers University lab gained federal approval allowing people to collect samples at home and send them out to be processed. Emergency use authorization (EUA) was also granted to Quidel Corp (QDEL.O) for the first COVID-19 antigen test which collects samples from the nasal cavity using swabs. Antigen tests look for the disease rather than past exposure.

Tachyon 6 months

DNA samples from everyone that they weren't able to rope in with 23andMe

LadyAsteria 6 months

I for one am glad this is happening. Wonder how accurate it will be

walvon 6 months

No thanks

Randy Rand
Randy Rand 6 months

So does this mean the other test was terrible? Hmm might account for the fraudulent numbers.

Captain D’s nuts
Captain D’s nuts 6 months

Keep it away from me. You think we forgot about the contaminated covid test? If it becomes mandatory people will not be happy.

Carol 6 months

POC beware! Remember the Tuskegee airman, the Trail of Tears, and all other wypepo testings?

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