Nasdaq now bigger than the rest of  the worlds stock market

Nasdaq now bigger than the rest of the worlds stock market

Despite economic hardship the US stock markets rallied as the Nasdaq grows to be larger than the world’s stock market if you exclude the USA. It comes at a time when many experts are calling for caution and hold equal part confusion and skepticism towards the recent gains made.

Max Bants
Max Bants 2 weeks

Smart people (who could afford it) took that $1600 stimulus and shoved it right into the stock market.

michael 2 weeks

well, when the federal reserve bank dumps a trillion dollars a day into the stock market for a week, it's bound to eventually work.

Eric 2 weeks

It's called artificial inflation. When a privately owned bank ( akaThe Federal Reserve) can just print currency (which is NOT money by the way.. there's a big differnce between currency and money) backed by nothing at all.. it tends to help the inflate the markets which only really helps the corporate elite and the ultra rich oligarchs and the 1%.

FirstCensorshipThenJail 2 weeks

Well, if some communist nation was looking to take advantage of a sneak attack that should have caused asset deflation, guess that has not panned out. My guess Eastern Europe countries that have already been destroyed by the globalists moving national industries to Communust China are going to experience the CCP buying up local assets more so than the United States.

Goi 2 weeks

QE Funny money balloon. Faked economy.

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