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Federal agency says removal of vaccine chief may have been retaliation

Federal agency says removal of vaccine chief may have been retaliation

The Govt. agency responsible for whistleblower complaints has determined there are ’reasonable grounds’ to believe the Trump administration’s decision to remove Dr. Rick Bright was done in retaliation, his attorneys said Friday. Lawyers for Bright said the Office of Special Counsel (OSC) has requested he be reinstated as director of BARDA for 45 days while it completes its investigation.

TheCurrentModality 4 months

Except that Trump can fire him simply because he doesn't like the way he does his job. Retaliation or not , doesn't matter. "Retaliation" is basically saying he didn't like the way he was doing his job. Silly journalists always trying to find a conspiracy.

Commodore 4 months

I love the lengths these cult45 Trumptards will go to defend their messiah. Remember, just because a king CAN do something, doesn't mean it's ok to do it. I wonder if any of these #WillfullyIgnorantTrumponians ever stop to think WHY der Führer Trump would fire Dr. Bright, instead of just coming to his defense so quickly. No, of course not. Because then they'd have to admit Professor Clorox is an ignorant, crooked, insecure man-child.

Shaun Oconnell
Shaun Oconnell 4 months

Arrest Bill gates, God bless president Trump ✝️🇬🇧🇺🇸

Diego 4 months

The comments section is insane as always.... Are these real ppl writing this stuff????? I don't understand how a news outlets dedicated it to fair, unbias, factual news reporting attracts all these psychos that are so clearly partisan and just want to defend their Lord and savior Trump. NewsVoice you need to deal with the toxic cesspools that are your comment sections or you're gonna lose a lot of people. It's mainly bots just spouting propaganda with terrible logic.

GUYIVKS 4 months

If it had been emporer 44 there would be no complaints from the man or government watchdog. It was right to sack, said he would refuse do his job. The study he quoted was flswed. The people dying were mostly one foot in the grave already. People in the early stages were benefiting from it. Other studies have also shown many who have died while on a ventilator should never have been put on one. Would he have refused to allow ventilators?

tsylana 4 months

What's happened here? Some accountability for the once? Will Drumpf now fire the OSC? Delete the office entirely? Stay tuned ...

Aaron 4 months

Sometime people work in government and bureaucracy too long.

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