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House COVID-19 panel demands large corporations return stimulus funds

House COVID-19 panel demands large corporations return stimulus funds

The House committee charged with overseeing COVID-19 relief spending sent letters to large corporations demanding they return any stimulus funds they had received that had been allocated for small businesses. The Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Crisis sent the letters to firms that are public, are estimated to be worth more than $25 million, have more than 600 employees.

porcus 4 months

Guess the House Democrats should have been more careful when trying to pack the bill with their pork. Can't expect corporations to voluntarily pass up free money.

Hershel 4 months

It's almost as if multi-billion dollar companies shouldn't be considered a "small business" just because they have fewer than 500 employees. Almost...

WorldUndercurrent 4 months

Porcus, take a break already. Your propaganda is making less and less sense. Now to real humans reading this, it’s like the democrats shouldn’t have voted for the stimulus package, or at least put in provisions to prevent this. It takes a millennial bartender from the Bronx to point this out?

Morbo 4 months

Do their staff have to return the pay checks those corporations paid them too?

cjack 4 months

Seems like this was an oversight from both parties but it should have been accounted for as its normal for big businesses to take advantage of whatever they can to get over the competition. Its the nature of capitalism.

Dave 4 months

Big Business: "Sorry I don't carry loose change."

Max Bants
Max Bants 4 months

Sounds reasonable

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