McEnany accused FBI of attempting to ’manufacture’ a crime against Flynn in 2017

McEnany accused FBI of attempting to ’manufacture’ a crime against Flynn in 2017

On Friday, Kayleigh McEnany, White House press secretary, accused the FBI of attempting to ’manufacture’ a crime against Michael Flynn, former national security adviser, in 2017. She claimed that they began to interview Flynn when they acquired no predicate for any investigation of any crime.

Ben Song
Ben Song
porcus 3 weeks

That is what the internal investigation revealed. Looks like the outrage mob's outage was all manufactured and based on nothing burgers all along... it's as if this is what people have been pointing out for the last 4 years. :D

eddy yetty
eddy yetty 3 weeks

Well its the truth according to transcripts released. Unless I am confusing it with another story

J 3 weeks

We need to vote him out before justice itself dies with our democracy.

Jon 3 weeks

They are trying to turn routine procedure for a prosecution team into a smoking gun of corruption and its just not there. Not by a long shot. "FBI agents planned to try to jog Flynn’s memory if he said he could not remember a detail by using the exact words they knew he had used in his conversation with Kislyak. And Flynn, as he admitted in open court—twice—did not tell the truth. That is not entrapment or a set-up, and it is very far indeed from outrageous government conduct. It’s conducting an interview—and a witness at the highest levels of government lying in it."

Antony-John 3 weeks

White house is promoting thinking with di*ks.

Adam Marceau
Adam Marceau 3 weeks

She's not wrong

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