11 Secret Service agents test positive for COVID-19

11 Secret Service agents test positive for COVID-19

As per reports, 11 Secret Service members have tested positive for COVID-19. Over and above this, another 23 Secret Service members have reportedly recovered from coronavirus. 60 employees are allegedly self-quarantining. Besides, since Monday, Ivanka Trump’s personal assistant has tested positive as has one of President Trump’s valets and Katie Miller, press secretary for VP Mike Pence.

Paul C
Paul C 2 weeks

And when we finally have a way to determine the actual number of every person that has had this stupid thing and was not symptomatic and it is a very high percentage of the population, then what?

flybynightbob 2 weeks

Bone spur, draft dodging president, trump has now shown his true colors. I’m not voting for this draft dodging coward for 2020. Because of him I’v lost friends and family to this virus. Now because the virus is in the White House he is protecting him self. Who are these ignorant suppporters? The president went on live TV. This virus is a hoax and he refuses to wear a mask, well now the virus is in the White House. So now mask need to be used. Really!! Trump is a joke! Trump! Is fake news!

Adam 2 weeks

US represents 1/3 of cases worldwide & are reopening like it's no big deal 🤦‍♂️ smh. Wha''s the price of a life you ask? PRICELESS

Carol 2 weeks

They more than likely got it from Trump, Pence, and other non-mask wearing admin, who think others should do as they "say" and "not" as they do!!

WorldUndercurrent 2 weeks

It’s happening!! 🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞

Captain D’s nuts
Captain D’s nuts 2 weeks

Good work agents Rod, Dick and Penis. Your next assignment is to infect this list of world leaders. After the mission report back to Tel Aviv.

Leslie S
Leslie S 2 weeks

Democrats trying their hardest to kill Trump with Covid.

Robert Burnham
Robert Burnham 2 weeks

I bet when Trump gets it, he still won’t wear a mask.

Ben 2 weeks

I wonder if any of these treatments will interfere with the Orange Julius's adderall habit...

Jon 2 weeks

Can't even keep the virus out of their own house but want us to open back up. 🤦‍♂️

Randall 2 weeks

Anyone that's had a flu shot in the past five years will test positive for COVID19.

flybynightbob 2 weeks

Trump will go down as the big joke of the USA. Oh! My bad. bone spur Draft dodging, Trump.

tsylana 2 weeks

Clearly a CCP attack and nothing to do with ignorance and inepititude.

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