’Why wait until Biden is our only hope?’, Maher tells Reade

’Why wait until Biden is our only hope?’, Maher tells Reade

HBO’s Bill Maher questioned the timing of Tara Reade’s sexual assault allegation against Joe Biden. ’You waited 27 years, you think it couldn’t wait a few more months? That’s what I’d like to ask Ms. Reade: ’why now?’’ Maher said, adding ’Why wait until Biden is our only hope against Trump and then take him down?’. Reade, earlier this week, called on Biden to drop out of the White House race.

Boo 2 weeks

She reported this in 1993, 94, 96, 2000, 2019, 2020... It's just no one cared to listen. Also this has so much more credibility over Ford. Not just the documentation, witnesses, but also she is a Democrat. Ford was a Dem against a Republican.

Orange Obama
Orange Obama 2 weeks

Hysterical to see all the people who attacked Kavanaugh scramble to not look like hypocrites while attacking Tara Reade. This ain’t the 80’s guys, the internet remembers.

Jason 2 weeks

In hindsight, this is a smart move from the Democrats. we Arent talking about his mental decline anymore. They have people divided into 3 camps. The innocent until proven guilty, the never trumpers that dont care what happened, and the people who like seeing the crazy leftwing believe all wahmens nonsense turned around on its creators. No Matter how it turns out, they have succeeded in distracting the people from seeing the real joe, while setting up a means to replace him if needed. Crafty dems.

WWG1WGA 2 weeks

Someone ask Bill if he had this same question for all the fake Kavanaugh accuser's 🤔

Timothy 2 weeks

Did Maher jump to protect Weinstein in the same way?

Jallal 2 weeks

This story came out a year ago she didn’t wait, the mainstream dems did.

Camden 2 weeks

She brought the allegations up again while Bernie was still in the race. You media goons just chose not to report on it until after Bernie suspended. Dishonest partisan hacks

maberuth 2 weeks

Maher is a hack

michael 2 weeks

because Biden is not our only hope. there's a reason the candidates suspend rather than end their campaigns. also, the green party is not a joke. they caucus with Democrats on so many things, except they are more left. Dems can still get what they want with a green president, including left wing voters. hell, Jesse Ventura is pro gun, what more could you want in a candidate for stealing republican votes from trump?

Jon 2 weeks

The difference is the woman accusing Kavanaugh actually showed up to the interview and in front of Congress no less.

Tommy Rotten
Tommy Rotten 2 weeks

Biden was a hope against Trump? That's funny stuff. Bill hasn't made me laugh that hard in a long time. It was perfect timing because uncle pedo Joe is nothing more than a sacrificed lamb.

David 2 weeks

You want to see hypocrisy, opinions and views floating on what's convenient and profitable, and like so many a comedian turned paid puppet? Look a Bill Maher.

kristin 2 weeks

How pathetic biden is our only hope. A senile old man who has an atrocious record. Shame on the Dems for pushing this man to the forefront when we did have other options. He was the anointed one from the dnc. But again Maher will voter shame and somehow all the stuff the Dems pull is OUR fault.

Shawn 2 weeks

I'm not a fan of 30yr old accusations. I'm a huge fan of 2 way streets. Booker and Biden and all those other supporters who were chomping at the bit for Ford should be doing the same now with Reade if they were even remotely serious with their metoo movement. To me evidence isn't a justification of making this a big deal it's history that means we have to make it a big deal. The Democrats the media the celebrities all made Ford a hero and courageous for coming forward yet there's radio silence for Reade.

The 2 weeks

Who the hell listens and takes Bill's advice? The dude is a known chauvinist pig who hates kids yet dates girls 25 years younger then him.

J 2 weeks

Trump has been trying to smear Biden since Ukraine. We know him well. We know he will do whatever to try to win. He saw an opportunity with the hair sniffing story and paid her off. None of her other allegations included the fingering that was new. Are we really going to b that stupid? Why didn't they uncover that when he was rigorously vetted for his vice presidency? Her timing screams ulterior motive is all I'm saying.

Property 2 weeks

She didn't, she reported it multiple times well before this. But there needs to be a fair trial, I don't know if she is telling the truth, thats why we have due process. The ironic thing is these same people presume the women is correct when a conservative is accused.

Arthur 2 weeks

Your right Bill ,Joe is no hope its aleady over!

Bryan_with_a_why 2 weeks

Because you idiots chose Biden long before the primaries, edging Sanders (who's arguably a worse choice) out the same way you screwed him over to pick Hillary. Really, the whole lot of Dems starting with the first debates (when there was more than a dozen of them) was garbage with the exception of maybe Tulsi since she sees the war racket for what it is. Everyone wanted to open the borders entirely and not just ignore the hundred trillion + debt (including unfunded entitlements) but also repay all student loans and medical bills, screwing over those that do the right thing in order to pander to those who mismanaged their lives or who had bad luck (the latter we would most likely agree should receive help, if only the former wouldn't abuse the program). The biggest group of disgusting humans I've seen in a while...

_tallman 2 weeks

Implying that Biden instills hope...

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