COVID-19 update: Over 4.11 million cases and 280K deaths

COVID-19 update: Over 4.11 million cases and 280K deaths

Global COVID-19 cases now stands at over 4.11 million with global deaths at over 280K. The US has the most fatalities at 80,040, followed by the UK (31,587). UK’s PM Johnson is expected to unveil a COVID-19 warning system Sunday outlining plans to ease the lockdown. France and Spain are also preparing to ease lockdowns. South Korea shut down bars after new cases sparked a fear of a second wave.

Tim 3 months

It's going to be a challenge for many governments to ease restrictions and tell people to get on with their lives given the stampede of the herd. Germany suggests a death rate of 0.37 % maximum based on full testing of a small area. How will governments tell the electorate they got it badly wrong?

Johnny 3 months

Sorry I'm not buying it, consider that all Nations tabulation of Corona death is exaggerated to the extreme, just like in the United States of America potentially all deaths are considered Covid-19 related.

Andrew Johnston
Andrew Johnston 3 months

Where is the comparison to the usual cases of influenza and death from that? How is this version of influenza any more deadly than the other versions of influenza previously being spread around the world by business and tourist travel?

Lord Baktor
Lord Baktor 3 months

So basically the Corona thing is a statistical nothingburguer.

Stephen 3 months

280,000 dead that we know of. And another 250,000,000 from starvation if the lockdown stays in effect. It's time to reopen. There is no putting the virus away, best to learn to live with it.

WWG1WGA 3 months

With atleast 7.5 billion ppl the numbers are quite low

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