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Former Google engineer asks court to dismiss lawsuit

Former Google engineer asks court to dismiss lawsuit

Former Google engineer James Damore, who sued Google in 2018 for allegedly discriminating against conservative white men, has asked a court to dismiss the suit. Damore’s attorney said as part of an agreement with Google the men are barred from speaking about the case. The company fired Damore in 2017 after he wrote a memo reasoning why women are underrepresented in tech companies.

IvoryDove 6 months

Too bad he settled out of court. This means "diversity enforcement" (aka reverse discrimination) will continue unabated.

Ekitchi Hoshi
Ekitchi Hoshi 6 months

wow after all this time, the verge "journalists" have still not read the memo and are still wrongly saying it suggested women are less suited for tech jobs... pathetic

The Right Perspective
The Right Perspective 6 months

What a terrible summary. James Damore made no such claims. He explained that the gender disparity in tech is due in part to differences in interests.

AD C 6 months

Huh, settled out of court. Not too surprising. Kind of a shame really, that memo of his actually contained arguments that big tech industry is inheritanlty unappealing to women and substantial changes to workplace culture would need to be made to have a workplace women would want to work in. I can see why Google would want him label 'racist' and gone. Seriously James Demore sounds like a kid who actually tried to research a serious solution, but didn't understand how scientific evidence was politicaly offensive.

Raf 6 months

Take our money en shut up.

tsylana 6 months

What a shocker. A going nowhere case is quietly ended in order to save face and lower costs exposure.

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