’I feel politically homeless’, says Tara Reade after response to allegations

’I feel politically homeless’, says Tara Reade after response to allegations

Tara Reade said she has left the Democratic Party after the blowback to her claims against Joe Biden. ’I’m leaving the Democratic Party and I won’t be part of any’, Reade said during an interview published Friday. ’I’ve been pretty much progressive all my life…I feel politically homeless’, she added. Reade said the ’onslaught’ she has faced is discouraging for other survivors.

6Million$Mansplainer 3 months

Why not just have a formal investigation and televise it? Just like they did for Blasey Ford, who had NONE of the evidence, filed reports, or witnesses that Reade has been producing since 93'. 🤷‍♂️ ''d love a lefty who wa//is on the impeach Kavanaugh bandwagon to actually explain why they do''t believe Reade. Those gymnastics should be entertaining.

Dave 3 months

What I see happening is the Democrats losing the next election and being completely destroyed. The Republicans swell with support from moderates and eventually the Republican Party splits and those are the two major parties in the country. With the Democrats just fading away into obscurity.

PA_Patriot89 3 months

At the end of the day, everybody should be held to the same standards as they hold others.

Emperor Tito
Emperor Tito 3 months

Rules for thee, but not for me. The democrat motto.

Ben 3 months

be an independent, we do not need political parties that put forth Senile men and their ancient ideas: Trump or Biden.

eddy yetty
eddy yetty 3 months

There is no surprise you would have double standards concerning this now that its the democrats under fire. So just because she is worried about security, (which is an extremely valid concern, considering the amount of political violence and one sided smears) we all of a sudden should not "believe all women?". and just FYI, Ford also refused things like handing over her therapists note, which would have discredited her or bolstered her claim. Fords accusation is no where near as credible as Tara's accusation. I personally don't believe we should drag peoples past from so long ago, but its the democrats who set the bar for how these things should be handled, and right now, they are being hypocrites.

الأكبر فادي
الأكبر فادي 3 months

I believe all women like the Democratic party tells me :]

Jack 3 months

You can be a popular rapist after all! /s (look at President Grabem..)

Barry 3 months

He should just come forward and say he did it. Regardless of whether or not he did

Jon 3 months

She was asked to do an interview but declined and continues to stoke the fire online? 🤔

Doris A
Doris A 3 months

Reades’ story has been READ...nothing new here! She needs to go get all the attention she needs from Putin who she really adores.

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