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Shark attack kills surfer in Northern California

Shark attack kills surfer in Northern California

Ben Kelly, 26, was killed in a shark attack as he was surfing at a state beach in Northern California Saturday, the authorities said. The beach has now been closed. Kelly was reportedly surfing about 100 yards from shore in the waters off Manresa State Beach, about 5 miles west of Watsonville in Santa Cruz, when he was attacked. He was brought back to the beach, but died of his injuries.

TheMadDane 5 months

Damn Covid got another one. RIP in pieces surfer dude.

Eric “Red” Ostlie
Eric “Red” Ostlie 5 months

Why was he on the beach to begin with doesn’t he know COVID is everywhere even in the sea! Joke people! Don’t take this seriously!

Duane 5 months

Remains tested positive for COVID-19 anti-bodies. Yet another pandemic death.

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